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Collection: A.Y. Jackson

RCA, ALC, CGP, OSA (1882-1974)
Born in Montreal, Quebec, Jackson studied with Edmond Dyonnet at the Monument National Montreal (1905), at the Montreal Art Associate with William Brymner, Chicago Art Institute under Clute and Richardson (1905-1907) as well as at the Academie Julian, Paris under Jean Paul Laurens (1907-1910). He also traveled and painted in England, France and Italy (1911-1913) afterwhich Jackson returned to Toronto sharing his studio with Tom Thomson (1914). He became an official was artist in Halifax (1915-1919). He worked mainly in oil, but also in watercolour, pencil, ink, silkcscreen, lithography and etching. Jackson is mainly known internationally for his Canadian landscapes, particularly for the south shores of the St. Lawrence down river from Quebec City in winter time. Jackson taught at the Banff School of Fine Art from 1943-1949 and was a founding member of the Group of Seven as well as the Canadian Group of Painters. He died in Klienburg, Ontario and is now laid to rest in the cemetry grounds there on the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. Jackson exhibited extensively with the RCA from 1904-1957 and the AAM from 1903-1946. His work is represented in major collections across Canada including the AGO, CWM, EAG, GM, MCMC, MMFA, NGC as well as in the Tate Gallery, London, England. 
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  • Sun and Fog, Great Bear Lake
    Sun and Fog, Great Bear Lake
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