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Art Restoration & Conservation

In dealing with public art galleries and museums we are pleased to share with you our professionals in the field who liaison with these institutions. From art restoration to conservation, our experienced team will guide you on the particular needs on the artwork in question. Whether paper, canvas, sculpture, or wood, we will recommend one of the expert conservators for the task at hand.  


The LOMAX ARCHIVES represent the files and activities of Philip Lomax for the restoration, formatting, printing, and preservation of Photographic Images and Historical Documents. This activity is the result of prior experience in wet darkroom and printing processes and a personal interest in photographic subjects and local history. Current technology has replaced former chemical processes and mechanical/optical equipment resulting in a friendlier environment and healthier working conditions. 


Digital Imaging: from negatives, slides, photographs, prints or print media. Maximum scanning size is 8.5" x 11.75".  Larger images may be accommodated through Photo-Stitching segmented scans. Files are normally processed as a TIFF image with a smaller JPG produced for casual reference and transmission purposes. Black & White images represent the bulk of our volume and have become a specialty.

Image Restoration: Rips, tears, creases, blemishes and imperfections in original images can usually be restored to some extent in the new digital image. The output quality reflects the quality of the original image.

Formatting: Resizing and cropping of images are considered normal requirements. Changes are saved within a separate file. All images will be saved in resolutions appropriate for the customer's use.

Preservation: With computer media and memory becoming less costly every day, LOMAX ARCHIVES recommends that clients save all their files with backups. Prints should be retained in archival sleeves or if framed, with archival mats behind UV resistant glass.


  • Black & White or Colour Laser printing on Letter Size paper utilising bright white paper for records and white gloss laser paper for proof copies and catalogue sheets.
  • Colour Ink Jet printing on photographic papers in high resolution for framing or personal reference or in lower resolution on presentation paper for meetings and poster purposes. Different media is carried in stock.

Price Guides are available on request. 

RESTORATION EXAMPLES (before and after):