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Consigning and Selling Art

Whether you are looking to consign or sell selected works of art or an entire collection, McMaster Fine Art is happy to help guide you. We provide our clients with art consignments and sales where individuals can contact us to assist them in deaccessioning their artwork.

We are pleased to provide artwork evaluations for pieces that are of a type and value typically sold at McMaster Fine Art including original fine art by well-established Canadian and International artists. We also evaluate fine art prints with limited editions. Our valuation on artworks is determined by the artist, condition, and provenance as well as the overall composition and rarity of the art piece. Please contact us for more information regarding artwork type.

If you are looking to pass along your art piece(s) please contact us via email and provide the information below to acquire an evaluation.


  • Artist Name, Artwork Title, Artwork Date
  • Clear colour image of the front and back of artwork(s), as well as a close-up image of the signature or maker’s mark.
  • Condition of artwork.
  • Dimensions, medium and other available details of the artwork(s).
  • Provenance and/or history of the artwork(s).
  • Copies of any literary documents relating to the artwork(s) including appraisals or certificates of authenticity.

To help us determine the value and condition of artwork(s) to be consigned or sold, please provide us with as much information. We understand that not all information will be available.


  • Our artwork values for consignment/sales are based on information from current Art Market values.
  • All evaluations are provisional and subject to revision on personal examination.
  • Property submitted under this service must be owned by the party seeking the consignment/sale.
  • Please allow 2 weeks for a response to your request.


  1. Have a piece to consign or sell
  2. Email us the information as outlined under What We Need To Evaluate Your Artwork(s)
  3. We contact you with a valuation of your artwork(s), and provide you with more information.
  4. A signed consignment/sales agreement will be provided stating our Terms and Conditions
  5. We catalogue and add your art piece(s) to our online gallery.


  1. We get in touch with you, congratulating you on your sale!
  2. Walk you through the shipping or delivery process.
  3. Provide you with a Notice of Sale and payment within 30 days of transaction - provided that we are in receipt of the purchasers' payment. 

At McMaster Fine Art, we make it an easy, enjoyable and exciting experience for our clients! 
Contact us today for your artwork evaluation. We love talking with our clients and seeing what treasures they behold. 

Charles Comfort, 'Sound of Mull, Scottish Hebrides'