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Other Services



McMaster Fine Art provides independent, confidential, and tailored advice on how the art market works. Initial assessments of works of art concerning their period, style, and scarcity will determine our direction whether buying or selling in today's market place. Whether corporate, institutional or private collector, our art investment advice offers counsel in navigating the exciting road of acquisitions or deaccessioning works of art.



We procure an estate planning checklist for fine art and collectibles. A major issue to consider is income tax; whether probate or capital gains tax which comes into play with inheritances and estates. We advise and endorse how artwork can become exempt from taxes, gifted before probate, and how collectors can donate their art to a charitable remainder trusts. 



We are designed to make buying and selling art a trusted and enjoyable adventure. With our years of experience, McMaster Fine Art has acquired a powerful network of contacts which includes major auction houses and serious collectors. This allows us to best allocate works to preferential markets, both locally and internationally. 



Sir Frederic Leighton, PRA (1830-1896)
Photograph by J.P. Mayall