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Established in 1977, McMaster Fine Art specializes in both Canadian and International 19th and 20th century fine art, with over 30 years’ experience in the field. With present day technology, we utilize online services for easier access for our clients offering an alternative way to collect, purchase, sell, and consign artworks.  

McMaster Fine Art can supply avid fine art collectors as well as the novice art buyer with quality artwork for purchase. Our passion and keen eye for fine art will help guide you, customizing your art collection. We have personally curated our online art gallery to showcase both established and emerging artists with incredible talent. 

At McMaster Fine Art, we are pleased to provide our clients with a complete, comprehensive and confidential fine art service that includes fine art appraisals, art consultation, consignment, brokerage/auction, estate planning and restoration.

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Canadian born to Dutch parents, Bert Dorpmans was surrounded by art from an early age. His father was an accomplished artist and art instructor. Visiting family in Europe, he was fortunate to tour world renowned galleries such as the Rijksmuseum, the Tate gallery and the Louvre and delighted in viewing first hand the worlds great cultural treasures.

Bert’s talent for photography as well as his University background in Fine Arts laid the ground work for his 42 year career as owner operator of McMaster Framing; focusing on custom framing, conservation work, restoration and art appraisals.

Bert’s vast knowledge of present and historical Canadian and European artists has enabled him to successfully curate several gallery exhibits and broker record breaking sales at auction. Throughout the years, Bert has promoted many emerging and established artists by hosting solo exhibitions at his gallery. He has become Internationally recognized as an antiquarian and art appraiser and has been the focus of many news articles documenting his art finds. CTV did a feature on Bert when he brokered Lauren Harris’s Nerke Greenland painting which sold for a record high auction price commanding $2 million.

Numerous art institutions including Fieldcote Museum in Ancaster, the Glenhyrst Art Gallery in Brantford, and the Hamilton Art Gallery have entrusted him on appraisals and exhibitions showcasing historical pieces of art from their vaults. Steven Lewis Foundation chapters in Toronto and Brantford have engaged Bert’s assistance in “Antiques Road Show” type fundraisers.

Recently, Bert is pleased to partner with his friend and associate Lauren Ogilvie in an online gallery: McMaster Fine Art. Her knowledge base, enthusiasm and years of experience matches Bert’s own passion for art to enable exceptional customer service.

McMaster Fine Art presents this new partnership modernizing the Canadian art industry through digital business. We are pleased to offer our clients confidential art services which includes onsite appraisals, fine art brokerage, consignment, purchase, consultation, and restoration work.


With over a decade of experience in the Canadian art world, Lauren specializes in historical and contemporary fine art and prints. It was her first Grande Tour of Italy at the age of sixteen that sparked her interest and passion for the arts. This pivotal moment in her young life shaped her education as well as her future career in the art world. With a Bachelor of Arts in Art History, a minor in Anthropology, and a certificate in Arts Management from a highly renowned liberal arts college in the United States, Lauren acquired a strong background in multiple fields of art which propelled her into the art world in Canada.

Lauren has spent the last eight years working in Toronto, Ontario as a Gallery Manager for a well-established contemporary art gallery. Her position allowed her to work closely with today’s celebrated Canadian artists as well as building relationships with avid art collectors, art consultants and art institutions. Her years working in the high energy Toronto art market sharpened her already qualified skills to examine, critique and educate fellow collectors on their artwork.

Since 2008, Lauren has worked with Bert Dorpmans on numerous fine art appraisals including appraising prestigious corporate and private Canadian art collections in the Hamilton, Toronto, Guelph, Burlington, and Oakville area. Like her Grande Tour of Italy, Bert inspired Lauren’s passion for art and mentored her through the ever-changing Canadian art market.

In 2018, they partnered to create McMaster Fine Art, an online art gallery supplying avid collectors with unique and well curated historical and contemporary art pieces. They furthered this idea establishing, as well, a company that would assist collectors and individuals alike with onsite fine art appraisals and estate planning. At McMaster Fine Art our desire is to pass along our knowledge, passion, and appreciation for the arts to our fellow collectors and art advocates alike.



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