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Collection: James Jerris Bloomfield

James Jerris Bloomfield OSA (1872 - 1951)

Born in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England, Bloomfield was the son of the artist and engraver Henry Bloomfield. He moved to Calgary in 1887 and studied painting, engraving and stained glass there under his father. Recognized as a stained glass artist, watercolourist and etcher, he moved to New Westminister, British Columbia in 1889. Bloomfield also pursed his education in England, Belgium and the Art Students' League in New York, and later taught at the Chicago Academy of Fine Art (1907). He finally settled in Toronto in 1920 where his church and landscape paintings and prints were exhibited. 

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  • A Gracious Idleness Mill in Elora on the River
    A Gracious Idleness Mill in Elora on the River
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