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Collection: Paul Simon

As a dentist whose career was cut short I’ve gone from interpreting x - rays to interpreting nature through the lens of a digital camera. Every image, whether it is animals, landscapes or buildings tells a story and I get a great deal of satisfaction telling that story through my camera and my prints.

Black and white or colour, I find beauty in every subject resulting in a very eclectic portfolio. Without a single passion or niche, photography allows me to experiment and the variety is very fulfilling. My latest foray is in panoramic photography., Using a tripod and a panoramic head, multiple images up to 20 are shot and then stitched together in Photoshop to give the desired effect.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1959 and educated at Mcmaster University and the University of Western Ontario for Dentistry, I practiced for 15 years. I make my home in Hamilton with my wife Diane, a potter, however spend about 2 months a year in Killarney.

Artist Statement: 

As the events of everyday unfold around us, it is hard for us to see the splendor that surrounds us. Hectic modern lifestyles and stimulus overload inhibit our senses, masking the beauty of everyday life. My photography’s mission is to seek out this elusive beauty and commemorate it in stunning photographs. My themes are as diverse as the world that surrounds us. From the old world beauty of Tuscany, to the wonders of my own hometown, I capture timeless moments as they pass by.

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  • A View from a Newfoundland Net Shed
    A View from a Newfoundland Net Shed
  • Amsterdam Still Life
    Amsterdam Still Life
  • Dining View
    Dining View
  • Foggy Princess Point
    Foggy Princess Point
  • George Lake
    George Lake
  • House off the 400
    House off the 400
  • On the Wrong Way to Albion Falls
    On the Wrong Way to Albion Falls
  • Sam's Greenhouse
    Sam's Greenhouse
  • Sherman Falls
    Sherman Falls
  • The Bread Basket
    The Bread Basket