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Springtime Fields

Springtime Fields

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Medium: watercolour on paper 

Dimensions: 13.75" x 20.4", horizontal  

Signature: lower right hand side

Date: 2011

Provenance: Artwork was acquired from the Artist's estate. 



In his retirement, Nyilasi often drove out into nature in the morning on landscape painting excursions. Even in early March he did not hesitate to explore the rural back roads around Hamilton. Because he had grown up in a small agricultural village, he knew the importance of a fallow field waiting for warmer weather. The owner of this farmland knows that with the true arrival of spring, the earth will be green and productive once again. This watercolour captures the subdued colours of early March and the season’s tentative light. The land is viewed close up, from a low angle, and stretches horizontally with latent power and potential. In the background, a row of darkly-shadowed trees lead the eye to barely-visible distant hills shrouded in seasonal mists. The compositional elements are well-balanced and lead the eye steadily from the foreground to the background.